Build a beer

A complete experience for those who love their beer. I’ll show you how we brew, guide you through a huge range of different types and styles and as we go along you’ll create the recipe for your perfect beer – which will be professionally brewed and delivered after the event!

Whether I organise the venue or come to you, I’ll bring my custom-made demonstration brewery and everything needed to show you the amazing range and variety of beers:

  • BuildabeerA wide selection of outstanding beers from around the world (which I will guide you through)
  • The raw materials and equipment used in the brewing process
  • Professional, stemmed tasting glasses and tasting equipment
  • Interactive display equipment
  • Tasting notes and guides

I start off by showing how to appreciate the appearance, aromas and flavours of beer before taking you through the ingredients and processes. With each one we’ll explore how they can be altered to dramatically change the finished product, taste a wide range of outstanding beers that really highlight these differences and build up the recipe for your brew. We’ll also take time to name your beer and you’ll have a chance to design the label.

After the event your recipe will be created by the rather talented people at the Occasional Brewing Company, whilst your final design will be recreated and used in the bottling process.

This experience is approximately 4 hours long.

Brewing equipmentGroup beerGlasses

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